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Develop the next generation of leadership and maximise the inherent talent within the organisation.


  • Attract the best employees - those who value learning and career development
  • Greater employee satisfaction leads to greater engagement and increased productivity
  • Increased staff retention (saves significant costs in staff turnover)
  • Develop the next generation of leaders and managers from within
  • Increase operational effectiveness and efficiency via maximizing the knowledge, skills and experiences within the organization
  • Grow organizational capability via staff personal and professional development
  • Encourage collaboration and innovation, including via peer-to-peer mentoring and knowledge-sharing
  • Maximize the talent and experience within the organization
  • Create and maintain a healthy corporate culture of learning and collaboration
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  • Grow professional and personal abilities via mentoring from experienced personnel
  • Build additional knowledge, attitudes and skills for career advancement
  • Network, collaborate with, and learn from peers across the organization (regardless of role, function, or location)
  • Create opportunities for promotion and career progression
  • Develop professional relationships across the organization

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