Expand and develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem by mentoring startup founders and engaging in peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing.


  • Connect with experienced entrepreneurs, sector experts and advisors and draw upon their knowledge, skills and experiences
  • Attain mentoring and advice on a wide range of start-up topics: from ideation to implementation to scaling; fundraising; attracting talent; and more
  • Gain guidance and support for personal growth and soft-skills development
  • Benefit from knowledge-sharing with peers
  • Save time and money by connecting to collaborate and share resources and expertise with others
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Venture Capital Firms

  • Support portfolio company founders to attain guidance and support from experienced mentors
  • Encourage peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing amongst portfolio company founders and executives
  • Grow investment opportunity pipeline via mentor engagement with incubator & accelerator startups
  • Enhanced reputation via support of the startup ecosystem
  • Enabling collaboration between startups builds resilience in the client base and therefore improves success rates
  • Provides a differentiator, in an increasingly crowded market, to attract the best startups
  • Grows client-base via word-of-mouth referrals by growing mentor, advisor and entrepreneur engagement

Incubators, Accelerators, 
Co-working Spaces

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