Connect the unique minds on campus and/or within alumni networks to maximise learning and development beyond the classroom.


  • Make better-informed subject choice and career stream decisions
  • Attain more focussed, personalised advice from:
    • faculty & tutors
    • senior students and cohort peers
    • graduated Alumni
  • Networking effects open greater job opportunities
  • Guidance from sector professionals expands career opportunities
  • Enhanced piece of mind via improved social connectivity for personal and professional growth
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  • Provides for ongoing engagement and networking (with other alumni, students and faculty)
  • Provides an opportunity to 'give back' by supporting the next generation
  • Being a Mentor enhances professional profile
  • Gaining a greater understanding of student needs, motivations and aspirations is valuable input for continuous improvement
  • Ability to engage on a 1-1 and\or 1-many basis as a mentor provides flexibility in time commitment
  • Engagement with current students and alumni continues to shape minds beyond the classroom

Faculty, Tutors and Staff


  • Increased student retention and engagement
  • Greater student satisfaction
  • Improved reputation in market via student and alumni endorsements re mentoring program

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